Creative Financing For Charlotte Investment Property

By Samantha Preston

When the economy was going full speed ahead, a lot of people take some risks financially. For instance, they take loans and advances from people, banks or financial institutions so that they may be able to achieve their financial goals. Building an asset by taking a loan has been one of the most preferred modes of asset creation in earlier times. But now that the economy is in the doldrums, people are looking for creative financing for their Charlotte investment property, which would help them tide over tough times and make the most of opportunities that are available in the current market.

One of the most common ways of creatively financing your Charlotte investment property in this day and age happens to be loans extended by the government at special rates. This is part of the economic stimulus package that the government has rolled out to bail the country out of the doldrums. It is also where private property seekers can take advantage of these easier terms and get the dream property that they have always wanted to own.

Another form of creative financing for your Charlotte investment property is rent-to-own financing where you can own a home while you are renting out the prospective property. One has to be quite clear on these options in terms of legalities as well as the extra amount that you would have to pay over and above the rent in order to have a claim on owning the property in due course of time.

There are so many creative financing options that you should look out for when investigating Charlotte investment property. Getting funds from a hard money lender is an option for those who have been denied funds from other sources. These money lenders get funds from individual investors and institutions too, in return for interest.

Another form of creative financing is fixer upper properties, which involves properties that have certain defects or flaws. These properties are available at prices much lower than the going market rate due to these defects. The wise Charlotte property investor can pick up these properties cheap, get them renovated and then sell them off at a profit. - 31392

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Ask Your Advisor About Your Portfolio's Return On Investment

By Samantha Preston

If you were to talk to an investment manager or financial specialist, you would be sure to encounter the term ROI (Return on Investment). Return on Investment is part of the common parlance in finance circles which refers to the amount of money made on any investment. Return on investment refers not only to financial but also property investments that would need a suitable rate of return to justify the investment. When there are competing avenues of investment, it makes sense to go ahead with the one which promises the highest rate of return with moderate risk. As far as Charlotte investment property goes, one can look at various kinds of properties to invest in and maximize the potential ROI.

When you invest in a property, you get rental income as the money you realize on the property and in that sense ROI is somewhat different than plain profit.

Looking for suitable Charlotte investment property to invest in is no child's play. Getting the right kind of property is a long and arduous task because people have specific investment needs and getting something that meets their needs is no always the easiest thing. If the investment conditions are fine then there would be a lot of potential investors vying for the same property. When it comes to buying property, there would be a number of bids for the property with the property being sold to the highest bidder to generate high ROI.

Real estate markets around the world are experiencing challenges related to a property cycle slump. But with these challenges come the opportunities of a lifetime for investors who have clear understanding of finding the proverbial "diamonds in the rough".

When looking at investing in property, it is always better to have an accountant, a legal practitioner and a financial planner at hand. This is because dealing in property could entail tax as well as legal implications. When looking to buy property, it always make sense to quote a lower price than what they expect to pay, as conversely, sellers try to bid more than what they hope to get.

Calculating ROI is quite simple. If you have invested $100 on a deal and want to get 15% ROI, it means that you would be pleased to get at least $115 by the next year. Property investment means commitment of large amount of funds and finances, which also implies that you should be clear not only about the broad contours of the deals but also the specifics in terms of the smallest and most minute aspects.

Costs and ROI present three effective calculations: the benefit-cost ratio, the ROI percentage, and the payback period. Costs and ROI include all the challenges and concerns regarding the use of ROI. Costs divided by monthly benefits yield the number of months to the initial payback.

Now look at the tax aspect of Charlotte property investment. If you hold the property for more than one year, the capital gains rate is just 15%. However, if you hold the investment for less than a year and you are in the 35% tax bracket, your capital gains tax rate would also be 35%. Do look at the capital recovery time period too, as this is the time which you would have to wait out to get enough benefits to get back the investment principal amount. These are some of the important aspects that you should not forget while considering investment in property. - 31392

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Starting Your Property Portfolio Off On The Right Foot

By Samantha Preston

When it comes to investment, real estate is one of the best options and it is certainly not so tough to invest in it if you care to gain knowledge in this arena.

The demand for real estate is bound to increase with the incessant increase in the population, which means that you can capitalize on this by learning how to make money from real estate. One can invest in real estate across borders too. Success in real estate can be measured against the metrics of profits, tenant occupancy and development of the building in question. Tenants also need to be clear that residual income quantum is one of the best parameters to gauge as to whether the property is suitable or not for investment.

It is always advisable to have investment objectives and have mortgage planners help you in creating an investment strategy to meet these. One can avail of a second mortgage or mortgage in local currencies. Second mortgage, also known as equity release, seems to be a cheap recourse right now, but it poses a risk of loss of both homes if the purchaser defaults on payments. One can look at taking advice from mortgage brokers and realtors to identify properties to buy.

Purchasers tend to adjust their price expectations downwards more quickly than sellers. However, sellers are also purchasers and purchasers become sellers at different points in housing cycle. Purchasing in areas that have been affected by over development for the sole purpose of rental can lead to an abundance of competition on the leasing market, with lower overall returns. Regions with growing mass market tourist appeal, coupled with strong build restrictions to avoid future over development, provide ideal locations for lease-to-own investments.

If you want to invest in property, you should look at getting properties that have the potential of positive cash flows. Getting a lucrative property that creates a pull for itself is what you need to consider in your property portfolio build up. While one considers property appreciation and mortgage pay down are accepted means of property investment, one should also evaluate cash flows which is a rather complex task given the fact that one could encounter unexpected costs.

The principle of arbitrage is quite common, because it implies that one buys low and sells at higher prices. You can hold on to property for as long as a year or more versus sell it off within a few days. It is also possible to use property for business by using the rentals to write off losses on foreclosure in the same year of the real estate loss. - 31392

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Keys To Passive Income - Owner Financing

By Samantha Preston

The concept of owner financing is quite well known in Charlotte investment property circles. In some cases, potential owners could look for full or part financing based on their specific needs. Sellers generally use owner financing to sell properties at a premium. They also require a mortgage on the property while doing owner financing. While it seems unbelievable that a seller would carry a mortgage, sometimes it is the only recourse. This is because rather than allowing a decline in the value of the property, they would want to facilitate sale by means of owner financing.

There is no rule or restriction that owner financing be limited only to traditional residential Charlotte investment property. Indeed, a vast host of property types including land and real estate, commercial property and what have you. Some of the conditions under which owner financing may be concerned include situations when the property is not moving fast in the market or if it is in a rather dilapidated condition. Owner financing is the process where the owner extends credit to the buyer without the intervention or involvement of banks or financial institutions. It has been observed empirically that owner financing is more common among investors as compared to homeowners.

Owner financing allows you to set the terms, including interest rate and payment terms for your Charlotte investment property purchase. You are helping the seller while generating steady cash flow; owner financing is creative deal structuring that is a win/win for all parties involved. Owner financing happens when the owner or seller of the property is the one financing the buyer so in this case the owner acts as the bank. The buyer in turn can pay the needed amount monthly or whatever may be the agreement instead of going to the bank for financing. Owner financing can be considered with large or small down payments, it all depends on the term of the contract.

Owner financing is common in a buyer's market for Charlotte investment property. In order to protect his or her own interests, the seller may require a higher down payment than a mortgage lender would, but usually at lower interest rates than available from traditional lenders. In most cases, owner financing comes from the entrepreneur's savings.

As far as interest rates applicable are concerned, these are generally 1.5% to 2.5% over the prime rate which in turn is set by the financial institutions. While interest rates vary with the institution, one can nullify the need for research to get lower rates as many sellers give at a percentage or more below the prime rate. Zero financing is also not heard of on some Charlotte investment property gems.

Offering a prospective home buyer seller financing is a great way to sell a home. You typically get top dollar and sell the home much faster. Offering terms generates a lot more buyers looking at Charlotte investment property, and can sometimes make the difference of being the first to sell a property in particular neighborhoods. - 31392

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Why You Should Buy Orlando Investment Property

By Jack Chambers

Key Opportunity

Although current property climate in the US is not so encouraging for short term investors; with shrewd planning one can still manage to reap profits.

While scouting for profitable Orlando investment property, one should keep in mind the location. Places like Orlando and Phoenix are always packed with tourists irrespective of the time of the year, resulting in high rental returns. Today the off-plan investments cost less as compared to completed projects of same size and at comparable locations. This has led to the popularization of the "flip" investment strategy. In this strategy the investors put their money in projects and sell off before their completion. Their profit is the rise in value of the property as it nears its completion. One should keep in mind to verify the re-assignment rules before finalizing the deal. Real Estate brokers charge a fee at times for this facility which is a percentage of the purchase price.


Payment terms are flexible and are designed to give the maximum benefit to investors, who are provided the ease of payment in installments. Another popular scheme allows payment after the completion of project with a token amount to be deposited in the beginning. Of course, the earlier the investment is made, greater are the returns. Early birds have the first choice of units in the project; hence they can choose the one which is most likely to attract the buyers.

Plan for Risk

The most important lesson to learn in any type of investing is the art of risk management. In the Orlando property market the investor will always have a lot of choices. The key is to select the area that suits his needs and is the most attractive one based on parameters like appearance, location and facilities.

Another important angle to consider is the exit strategy. Investors should have a plan of action whereby they are ready for instantaneous bail-out in case they have to liquidate the investment at a short notice. This includes a back-up plan if market falls and you cannot get a buyer.


The returns for short term investors in current market have somewhat dwindled. The market is more aligned to the interests of long term investors. The investor latches on to profitable venture benefits both from capital appreciation and a steady flow of rental money. On top of that, the profit percentage can be increased by getting a discounted price at pre-release stages; thereby reducing the cost of Orlando investment property considerably. - 31392

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Charlotte Investment Property Manager Information

By Samantha Preston

There are a lot of people who feel that when it comes to property, they would like to deal with everything on their own. While there could be merits in this, a far better option is to take the services of a property management company. Property management companies take monthly charges in return for the property security and maintenance facilities. Incidentally, the property management market is quite fragmented with so many players trying to cope with the demands of discerning and demanding consumers. There are a few players that would like to build up scale and magnitude so as to expand globally and also consolidate by means of mergers and acquisitions.

Property management companies are generally constituted under the Companies Acts and are required to comply with the provisions of company law. These companies are professional property managers who handle all the issues related to the property either legal or any other matter. The property management company is supposed to deal with all the problems that can arise in managing a real estate property. Property management companies are typically small businesses and a lot of them haven't even embraced the most basic technology like email.

One of the important services that property management companies offer relate to client interface. This includes marketing properties and screening the response they get in order to short list suitable residents. Apart from the maintenance and upkeep of property they also ensure that agreements are signed properly and renewed in a timely and lawful manner. The company has in-house staff and supports its executives in a collaborative manner. The main aim of such a company is to ensure that the project is made commercially viable and its value is enhanced too. The company has certain limits that are imposed in the form of building codes, commercial business practices and also affirmative action provisions.

Evicting rather unsuitable and non compliant residents is one of the main services that residential property managers are able to provide. Residents and potential residents are also quite demanding as they want to know details in excess of mere abbreviations like w/d, hw fl, d/w, a/c. It is not enough for residents to accept a marketing pitch as they want more details like floor plans, building details and also aspects of the location.

When it comes to taking fees to let out property on behalf of the landlord, the property management company has to be associated with a licensed Real Estate Agent. But if the company just takes a cut from the monthly rent, this provision will not be applicable. Property managers have to look at various aspects of interior and exterior of buildings, electrical fittings and systems too. A wide variety of buildings, commercial complexes, houses, apartments and also villas come under the purview of property management companies.

Not only this, property management companies also provide a host of basic accounting facilities and services. It is possible to get monthly inflow and outflow, income and expense statements for your property from the property management company concerned. - 31392

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Charlotte REO Investment Properties

By Samantha Preston

In these days and times, there are many instances of people taking loans to buy property and being unable to pay back the mortgage. This is where the lenders are left with properties that they have to re-possess from the defaulting buyers and then sell it through a loss mitigation department. These repossessed properties are known as REO properties and cannot be auctioned openly on account of which these are sold at rates much lower than market rates. Given the vast selection and choice available, investors can have a gala time looking at acquiring such Charlotte investment property.

While REO properties could be rather cheap, they are not for everyone as they are not sold in the open market through auctions. By definition, REO properties lack equity and also come with some built-in risks especially when one is buying a Charlotte investment property in 'as-is' condition. Most lenders who are stuck with re-possessed property would be interested in getting rid of the property as soon as possible in order to recover part of the costs that remains sunk in the property. Similarly, lenders are not interested in paying management costs which means that they are willing to sell the properties at prices that are way below market rates.

REO properties could be foreclosed, but the key issue here is that they cannot be auctioned. These also lack essential disclosure purposes and liability releases as they were taken from the buyer to the bank. The only reason the lender does not have any liability on these properties is because they do not have a hold on the buyer which not only compels them to list it with local real estate agents but also sell it off at lower prices, given the fact that holding properties for long periods of time is quite counterproductive and costly too.

REO properties are a financial burden to banks. All of the upkeep is their responsibility. They are usually sold as is, so a thorough inspection is necessary to estimate the rehabilitation costs. Software programs exist that allow you to print inspection forms and work from a set of standard rehab specifications to help you accurately estimate rehab costs. REO properties are a drain. Each day that a property is vacant, it costs money to maintain.

Lenders that have an REO property would like to sell it off as soon as they can. It is true that they would not like to hold on to it for long which is why they enlist the services of local estate agents to sell it off. They are also quite willing to hammer out some structured deals for those buyers who want to buy such properties in bulk.

Buying an REO property is not a walk in the park as a cheap Charlotte investment property could very well attract a lot of competition and interest from other investors. There will be quite a few bids and one could also have participation of institutional investors. REO is better than auctions per se, because of the fact that in auctions you have to pay up front in cash and do not get the chance to inspect the property before buying it. In some cases, people can take up loans under the rural housing plan towards these types of properties. In auctions, however, you will be able to ensure that you do not have to deal with the lender, but buy the property directly. - 31392

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